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What to Expect During Your First Physical Rehabilitation Appointment

If you have chronic muscular or joint pain from a medical condition or old injury, or acute pain from a recent trauma, your doctor may recommend physical rehabilitation to help relieve the pain and restore your range of motion.

At BodyWorks Medical Center, our team uses physical rehabilitation techniques as part of each patient’s customized treatment plan, helping to promote proper healing and manage pain symptoms effectively.

Physical rehab can be particularly effective for patients with back pain who are trying to decide whether or not to undergo surgery. Many patients who opt for less risky non-surgical physical rehabilitation treatment can achieve the same quality of life as patients who choose surgical intervention.

Who needs physical rehabilitation?

You will most likely need physical rehabilitation if you are in recovery from an injury or an illness. Physical therapy is non-invasive and is designed to help restore proper function. You might be a candidate for physical rehabilitation if you:

Physical rehabilitation can be combined with other traditional and alternative treatments for a holistic approach to wellness. This is in line with guidelines from the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which recommends treating the whole body, not just the problem area.  

Your first physical rehabilitation appointment

Once you’ve booked your appointment, you can prepare for your first physical rehabilitation session. As with any medical office, you’ll have paperwork to fill out, and you’ll probably need to present a photo ID and your insurance card. Then you’ll be ready for your assessment.

The BodyWorks Medical Center team evaluates your medical history, past health issues, current diagnosis, and the specific symptoms you’re experiencing. We also ask you about any medications, vitamins, or supplements you may be taking.

Next, the team evaluates your physical condition and functionality. We look for specific capabilities to evaluate your mobility, flexibility, and comfort levels with each type of task or activity. Be prepared to:

Your physical rehabilitation plan

Once we’ve completed your evaluation, our team creates a customized plan for you. This plan may include exercises to stretch your muscles, strengthen your core, increase joint flexibility, and/or improve mobility. We also give you an at-home exercise routine to strengthen your muscles and joints and decrease discomfort or pain the more you practice, the stronger you become.

If you have a specific need, such as therapy to accustom you to functioning with an artificial limb or a mobility aid, your physical rehabilitation technician will also spend time with you using the aid and adjusting it to better fit your needs.

Do you have a doctor’s prescription for physical rehabilitation and are ready to schedule an appointment? Call BodyWorks Medical Center today at 630-517-5674 or visit our website to book an appointment online.

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