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Rehabilitate Your Sports Injury with Physical Therapy

If you exercise regularly, play amatuer or organized sports, or participate in any type of routine fitness activity, you’re at risk for a specific type of musculoskeletal condition called a sports injury. You’re more prone to these type of injuries if you:

At BodyWorks Medical Center, our skilled team of integrated medical specialists uses physical therapy to rehabilitate your sports injuries. Here we answer your questions about sports injuries and how you can get back in the game with comprehensive physical therapy care.

What are some examples of sports injuries?

Some of the most common sports injuries we treat here in our clinic are:

These are just some of the many types of sports injuries. When you come in for your consultation, we conduct a thorough examination using the most advanced technology and equipment to make an accurate diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of sports injuries?

Symptoms of a sports injury vary depending on the type of injury. Symptoms can come on suddenly or develop gradually over days and weeks and include:

If your injury involved your head, such as a concussion, you may experience headaches, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, blurry vision, and lethargy. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that requires urgent medical care.

How does physical therapy help with sports injuries?

When you work with our team at BodyWorks Medical Center, we customize your therapy using a variety of specific and calculated movements and therapeutic exercises that are designed to:

Some important studies have even concluded that for certain types of injuries and musculoskeletal pain, physical therapy can be as effective as surgery.

For superior rehab that’s tailored to your unique injury and health history, turn to our team for compassionate and excellent physical therapy. If you’re eager to get back on your feet and back in action, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Call our office in Carol Stream, Illinois, or book your appointment online.

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