Arm Yourself Against Winter Colds With IV Nutrition Therapy

Fight winter colds and flu with IV therapy

You’re a busy person with things to do and people to see. You don’t have time for the inconvenience and misery of winter colds. A well-functioning immune system keeps you protected from the viruses that cause a runny nose, low energy, aches, and general malaise of the common cold. Anytime you boost your immune system, you better your chances of staying healthy.

At BodyWorks Medical Center, our team offers IV nutrition therapy to optimize your vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels so your immune system can fight off viruses, even if you’re exposed to them. Read on to learn how IV nutrition therapy offers an extra line of defense — along with good nutrition and hand-washing habits — in protecting you from winter colds.

About IV therapy

IV, or intravenous, therapy involves directly infusing a solution containing important nutrients to your bloodstream. You relax as the IV is inserted through a vein and the bag’s liquid nutrients drip slowly into your system. You can read, play on your phone, nap, or watch a movie during the therapy.


One of the greatest benefits of IV therapy is getting a boost in your hydration levels. You need a baseline of fluids to help your lymphatic system clear out toxins and keep your organs functioning at their best. This makes your system strong enough to fight against the pesky viruses that try to infiltrate your system and cause symptoms of a winter cold.

Healing nutrients

An immune-bettering IV treatment contains ingredients such as vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, L-glutamine, and B vitamins. You may also benefit from extra vitamin D. In the winter, your exposure to the sun, which helps you synthesize this nutrient, decreases, so the extra delivered via IV can only help.

Vitamins and minerals are some of the most important building blocks in the body. IV nutrition therapy acts as a natural pharmacy, without the side effects of chemical drugs. Optimal nutrient saturation also helps fight inflammation, which can make your immune system stronger and more resilient.

Immediate effects

Orally supplementing with extra nutrients, such as vitamin C, is said to boost your immunity. But oral supplements must pass through your digestive tract before your cells absorb them. This can delay the effect of the supplements and, in many cases, render them useless altogether as your system fails to process them.

With IV therapy, the nutrients directly enter your bloodstream and work to heal you at the cellular level. You get maximal exposure to these valuable compounds that boost your immunity and make you feel your most energetic and healthy.

Boosts body function

When your cells receive optimal nutrition, your organs operate at their absolute best so you feel your best, too. You have more energy and sleep better. Optimal sleep supports immune system health, further helping you fight winter colds.

At BodyWorks Medical Center, we want you to feel your very best. Contact us to find out about IV nutrition therapy and how it can make a very real difference in the health of your immune system and overall energy levels.

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